Our Service

We offer cost efficient calibration  services for your precision test equipment and standards. Our laboratory standards and metrology equipment is traceable to national standards (PTB).


Our focus is on the calibration of highly precise test gear and low measurement uncertainties. We achieve this by having our test equipment and standards calibrated with very tight calibration tolerances. Our standards for 10V, 1Ohm and 10kOhm e.g. are calibrated with an uncertainty below 0.5 ppm allowing us to keep the annual uncertainties below 1ppm.

While sometimes the common understanding is that calibration includes the adjustment of the item under test, calibration really only means the verification of the equipment's deviation against a standard with known uncertainty.

Sometimes it is actually even desirable to not adjust certain equipment, e.g. to determine its drift rate between calibrations. Other items, such as e.g.  resistance standards can often not even be adjusted. Therfore depending on the item, the customer may first have to decide what action to be taken.


We offer both options, only verification (calibration) or adjustment (prior verification on special request) with subsequent verification (calibration). Each calibration is accompanied by a report also identifying the measurement uncertainties.



list of equipment we support (excerpt)

The list below is an excerpt of the most popular precision test gear only which we support.

Special care is taken to keep measurement uncertainties low. E.g. our 10V and 10kΩ standards are kept at uncertainties below 1ppm. For actual uncertainties for your specific meter please contact us.


Keysight 3458A    
Keysight 34410A    
Keysight 34401A    
Keithley 2002    
Keithley 2001    
Keithley 2000    
Keithley 2015    
Datron/Wavetek 1281    
Datron/Wavetek 1271    
Datron/Wavetek 4920    
Solartron 7081    
Solartron 7071    
Metrahit 30m    
Fluke 732A/B    
Resistance Standards    
Voltage Standards    
Coaxial Capacitance Standards    

 For other equipment not listed here, please contact us.




Calibration price list (excerpt)

Equipment / Work done Price (net / gross)
3458A, adjustment only 120 € / 142,80 €
3458A, adjustment and verification thereafter, with report 280 € / 333,20 €
Resistance standard, calibration with report (one value, range 10 Ω to 10 MΩ) 80 € / 95,20 €
Voltage standard (1V or 10V nominal, max 2 voltages), verification with report 120 € / 142,80 €
Coaxial capacitance standard (1pF to 1µF @ 1kHz, one value), verification with report 80 € / 95,20 €


 Please note that we are not certified to, nor do we claim compliance with DIN, DAkkS or ISO or the like for the factory calibrations

 we perform. Do not use our calibration services if your application requires such compliance.