whats new

Jan. 2,2023: The unplated copper spade set LSP2-20 was introduced to support nanovolt applications.


Oct. 6, 2021:  Product pricing adjusted to reflect higher component costs. 


May 29, 2021: The test cable LEC2-2-1.0 was added.


Mar. 2, 2020: The Standard RS2 is now also available in a version with 1 Ohm.


Feb. 27, 2019: The cable CBL3-2-4, an Ultra low noise cable was added in CABLES & ACCESSORIES. This PTFE insultated 2- wire measurement cable comes with a double shield (insulated from each other) for enhanced shielding requirements.


Feb. 15, 2019: We have added a price list for calibration of a few selected items.  The prices can be found at the end of the CALIBRATION section. Contact us if you need pricing for any other item not listed there.


Feb. 1, 2019: The cable set LEC2-2-S was introduced, supporting those customers who desire a 2-wire low EMF cable set and do not wish to use our cable set LEC1-4-S. The LEC2-2-S is available in different versions supporting low EMF spades and banana (4mm) plugs. See details in the CABLES & ACCESSORIES section.