Our Offering


Precision standards and test gear allows us to perfrom calibration of highest precison equipment.



We repair precision test and metrology gear. This also includes gear no longer supported by vendors.


Analog Design/Consulting

Our offering in engineering is focussed on low drift/high accuracy analog applications.


Whether you need to get your 8.5 digit precision DMM calibrated or a standard 6.5 digit DMM, we can do this for you. Our focus is on the following gear:

- Precision DMMs up to 8.5 digits

  such as e.g.:

  Keysight/Agilent 3458A,

  Datron/Wavetek 1281/1271,

  Keithley 2002/2001/2010

  Solartron 7081/7071

  Fluke 8508A

- Voltage, Resistance and

  Capacitance Standards

- Your custom built equipment

Our reports are based on calibration test gear, traceable to national standards (PTB), with a special focus on low calibration uncertainties. We achieve this by using precision standards for verification rather than only multifunction calibrators.

Please note that we are not certified to nor do we claim compliance with DAkkS or ISO or the like for the factory calibrations we perform.

More information is available here.


Used electronic test equipment often is no longer supported by their manufacturers. Considering the value they still present, it is critical due to economic reasons to have them repaired. We offer such services at attractive prices, and are specialised on equiment from vendors such as Keysight (formerly Agilent/HP), Keithley, Datron/Wavetek, Fluke(R) and others.


One of our specialties is service for the 3458A multimeter, which includes repair, preventive maintenence and adjustment/ calibration.


We also supply spare parts for the items we service.


We also service other analog equipment, such as special audio gear.


If you have used or non-working test equipment that you wish to sell, we always buy test gear and will be glad to make you an attractive offer. We are always looking for precision test gear.


We offer electronic design services for analog products, including electrical Standards. Our focus is on precision DC and low frequency AC solutions for applications such as Metrology and special audio gear and includes electronic as well as layout and enclosure design.


We also design and supply custom test cables.


Should you need an analysis, such as an MTBF calculation or a FMECA, just contact us. We also offer consulting services in adjacent areas, including high-rel electrical engineering, temperature testing / thermal characterisation of electronics.


Or should you need a custom specific electrical Standard, we will be glad to make you an offer.